Last two days has been hectic both physically and mentally.. !!!

Travel all the way from Dubai back to India.. Since my cousin granny has reached the foots of the lord.. :( I do miss her in my ways and yes definitely for the few bounty she gives me in all festive and the her home made sweets, which just surpasses my knowledge and limits of taste buds always.. 

Met my cousin at home... and just like any talk of group of lads.. it went everywhere.. and i said i started blogging and also went on for the prompts..and all blah blah...  In no time my cousin asked how about a prompt of one line fiction / non fiction or anything of the sort which makes sense ??? Challenge accepted and i just said i will do a SINGLE WORD BLOG.. !!! here it goes....


This one little word has got everything !! and Responsible for every sane and Insane act of life... !!!

To all people in my life.. You are a part of my life cos i love you or you do me.. !!  Just spread it to every known human of everyone's life... :)

Catch you up in a couple of days ;)