Last night was busy cleaning my uncle’s home.. and and there came a book, magazine actually… the Sport Star with usain bolt with his symbolic bow and arrow pose after Olympic gold… to be honest usain was not my piece or I had a admiration towards him… as an athlete or as a human… all I know is he runs :P and blake is a close competitor to him… only two names whom I know.. and I know he did a world record of 9.58 secs last Olympics but limping hard since blake is winning him in last 2 competiton… my GK is enough not to be a guy who asks who is he ? :D

You might be wondering why the hell I came with a name inspiration… maybe I am jobless enough to get inspired to read sportstar…. :P actually the reason is I was so bored that I wanted to do something… at that minute I had 2 magazines near me.. one is sport star and other is interesting entrepreneurs… I would prefer the first for a brisk morning rather than reading some guy doing start ups…  impressed by the superb pose bolt gave and the title given as king bolt.. I had developed an interest to read the article…
Title of the article…  A sprinter and A Showman… and the article starts in the way….
“ When Yohan Blake beat me twice, it woke me up “ said Bolt.. “ it opened my eyes, Pretty much he came and knocked on my door and said, ‘ Usain, wake up. It’s the Olympic year. I’m ready. Are you ? “
Impressed by the use of words I thought my insane mind has to go thro’ and there it goes… the article was a matter of just sheer excellence.. and the article was outbreaking his height and start issues and fitness  and the cheering…

Usain bolt couldn’t make the real best start and tho he is a excellent sprinter the crucial start is been retarded due to his height.. and he has to make a difference thro’ his unique sprinting capacity… AHHHHH optimizing and effective utilization of resources and SWOT analysis of self… * even I can talk management * and his coach Glen Mills has given a detailed report of his good and bad skills…  johari and nohari window * Johari and Nohari window *

And again in the article.. there is other wording of bolt.. “ I was slightly nervous, but that cheer that I got ( from the crowd ) made all the jitters go away, “ bolt said after the race…  -- now you can call this as the perfect example of motivation theory rather than saying a dog story everytime… * I am showing off :P *
There is 2 reasons for writing this scripts…. One is to say that inspiration when developed from self is the excellent source of self efficacy and it actually forms a paradigm of making yourself as a legend.. !! bolt bolted as the live example…. Second reason for writing this is actually I need to prove even I learn management not some shit course :P and I can correlate something to management… :P call it show off… :D

Happy reading :D

P.s Wondering which magazine ??? it’s two years old , and am wondering why my uncle took an Indian Edition all the way :D