17 April 2015

Almost a year since I ran dropping my A - Z challenge last year, which I wish to finish in a single blog later.. And fortunately a comment making me remind I have blog too..  

If you ever have a faint thought of reading my blog.. Then obviously you have a good memory and must be equally aware I don't think and type.. :p so is this one gonna be....

Right from the childhood.. Every kid dreams of becoming a so and so in life..  My fascinations were the awkward ones ... I wanted to be a dancer, which I completely suck at.. I wanted to be a doctor but I am a complete ruthless moron.. I wanted to be an astronaut and I had a fear of heights.. I wanted to be a scientist and I studied fucking management and wondering what horse shit I can say to people to make money... Still every damn universities , corporates and idiot who is elder asks you a question what's your aim in life or where do you fucking see you in 5 years...  Honestly I don't see what I do the next month,. Cos I do anything which I find it amusing.. And so is everyone because none is so certain in life.. But everyone has a big shit loads of answer for speculating and seeing yourself in next so and so years..  Our life is full of lies.. 

I am one of a sort guy who tend to laugh at the outrageously complex situation.. But a couple of things still takes the toil out of me ... Esp death.. My uncle had a beautiful life.. Safe and small.. With so much of planning going on in upbringing his only son who has just joined the college .. And darn healthy .... From nowhere out of equation.. He just gave a goodbye to earth.. Leaving everyone in his family hopeless. That just shook me off ... Since he was the least expected guy to miss the family.. 

Still I was one in family who has a stone heart and not shed even a drop of tear and starting to take life logically and more pragmatically.. But inside me there was a violent storm.. Which was just at its tipping point.. And taught me one fine lesson...

Life is full of lies... So fucking love your life.. Enjoy it ... As most free birds say.. Carpe diem... Throw out the hatred you have... Coz when you just think you did something great, planned your life to perfection.. Just think we aren't not more than a box of ashes as we move out.. 

Peace out... 

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20 July 2014

This was the quickest of the all sketches I did :) and glad it came out well :)

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29 June 2014

A very good friend and an unborn sister... ;) with loads of love.. :) sorry for the low quality.. It's a fast sketch done in a hour and half. 

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This is my bestie... And unfortunately couldn't make it for her wedding... There is nothing more I can do for her.. But spend time.... 

With love,
Shyam :)

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30 May 2014

This blog post was spontaneous ..just like what i exactly expected..  a long pending revival of my blogs.. !! despite my idiotic lame excuses post for quitting A - Z challenge and my Sunshine Award which my dear sister Swathi gave me.. ( she would be lamenting why she gave it to me ) This post is exactly how i wished to get back.. 

It might look a philosophical or more theatrical topic to blog... despite that today.... Is one single day i surely would cherish for my life.. because of two random instance...

Every morning.. i used to go to the supermarket near my home. to buy some chocolates and a cucumber, mint milk which to some extend help me sustain the heat in the dry desert called dubai.. Every day i used to see the donation box on the counter just like in Indian shops.. I do have an habit of donating in India.. but here.. due to some reason i didnt feel like even putting a dhirhams there.. Today... eventually i had more than enough changes with me... and my eyes went to the box.. and first time i read the content in any donation box.. it goes like this...
for one dhirham you spend on donation.. allah would give you 1000 dhirhams
it sounded more like a convincing statement and like Rajinikanth movie dialogue to me.. yet i did put a 5 dhirham note and walked out.. what happened later was the catch..  by mid day i went for lunch.. and paid my money.. and all of sudden i got a call.. and it was a serious business call.. Totally taken away by the talk.. i paid the money... and left the place.. after 15 mins.. i found a old chap around 60... knocking my door of the office and handing over a 100 dhirhams cash.. and he said i slipped the cash while taking the money for paying.. and went on a hurry... he asked the hotel guy and got to my office just to give it back.. i was in awestruck.. and went on thinking what i read the day morning.. i said you could have left it in the hotel as i could have collected from them... he laughed and said you wont get it if they have it ...all i could him is a coffee.. and a promise to meet for a evening tea at his place..

I thanked him and did meet him at his place.. and only then i came to know he is a pakistani.. :) i didnt really have a easy go mindset with pakistanis since i always thought it's 2 different world which never matches..  all i did was bought him some fruits and biscuits.. he just said  me... Son.. i maybe 62 years old.. but i have earned my life.. am happy that you bought things for me.. but it would be glad if you have given it for some kid or a hard labor.. moreover i didnt do that expecting anything.. next time.. you do the same thing... and believe every good thing you do.. allah would do ten fold to you...

I can't stop admiring the chap... the exact moment i just realised "the circle of life " tho i haven't got 1:1000 returns .. i did manage to save 1:20 ..

There is God in every human... There is evil in every human... All you take it is the side... a single side of a coin... where we are certain about which we want...

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12 April 2014

Veronica is yet to have her dinner.. but was long asleep... So her mom just jolted her awake to finish her dinner and get back to bed.. !!! She was literally cursing her mom.. for disturbing her sleep in half ways..  Yet she managed to control her anger and did her chores faster and yes back to bed.. She was back in the womb of her mother as a kid and was on the time of delivery.. She was literally getting out to the world.. and Yes like all child.. she yelled and cried...

She can feel someone shaking her.. and saying Veronica Veronica.. She opened her eyes.. and she could see her Mom and dad standing right before her.. !!! and she could barely notice and feel the tears on her eyes..  She noticed something different about her mom.. It was her hair style and the color of her dress..  Soon her mom said.. Guess you had a nightmare child.. and don't take too many stress before submitting your project..

Veronica had a spark immediately.. BEFORE THE PROJECT submission ??? she immediately took her mobile and saw the time n date.. it was 8 am .. 1st April... She pinched herself to check whether she was dreaming.. but she could feel the pain..

She quickly opened her laptop and checked her Blog.. The A - Z challenge has not started yet..

She just then thought.. She was in dream within a dream.. She joyfully said The effect of inception movie..and she was more happy that Alan and her other friends are alive and everything is just a dream...

not so long.. She saw her window screen flapping hardly.. without any air.// Veronica was all afraid again....

Did Florence come back in real world ??? What's up with the A - Z challenge and dreams ??

Stay Tuned....

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11 April 2014

There is a famous saying.. Careless people are always around... am such one.. :P Scheduling it at wrong date :P

Well Back to story.. !! 

What seemed a mere illusion has turned into a sheer presence.. Not only sticking to the sides of just science.. but her experience on own conveys that she is into a serious state of paranormal influence.. !! Glenn had taught her various methods to influence thinking pattern and also help her out of the dream sequence...  She had to keep the rhythm.. as well as make sure she need to make sure all are safe.. Somehow she managed to save Isabelle her I post from death.. by thinking about totally different things right from the sleep start... 

But the main pressure is now.. Her J post... which is none other than her Mother Jacquline.. and Florence has also warned there is a huge threat on J post.. which created an eerie with her...soon the day went off and Veronica went to sleep before her normal schedule..  soon she saw herself on her place of Inception.. The Womb....

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