Well if you are a blogger , out of 100, you have 70 % chances of knowing what that means.. !! For just random readers.. and the 30 % of bloggers..  There is something called The A - Z Challenge where tons and tons of readers Stalk and yes hundreds of bloggers take part in a challenge :D For more details.. I hope i gave a working link above :P click it and know :D and for taking part in it.. You can work with or without a theme..  So Theme Revelation is all about today.. where random bloggers say what the theme they are gonna write on... Today implies 21 - 3 -2014.. Taking into consideration, the various time zones :P

First of all I didn't know what the heck was A - Z challenge :P and Theme Revelation.. :D and never had any interest of it since I really know how bad writer I am :D and when i looked at random names.. All were Greek and Latin for me.. Since the bloggers were through out and their writings had an archive for 3, 4 years.. :D My inner feel says Dude.. Don't you think you are reading about a thing which is totally not in your courts ?? :D I went straight to the mirror and could see the other me smirking at me :P

Today I went through a couple of blogs from Indiblogger and found a lot of people taking part in it.. :D and one friend in the network Damyanti  is the co host of the Challenge :D and then Ananya taking up the challenge and posting her theme, with special mention that she is JUST 50 + day blogger.. :P and There goes another Swathi saying she is just 20 + day blogger and posting her theme.. :D Now without even thinking..  All i did was shut the laptop down and continued my work :D

Later One of my seventh grade English chapter about Olympic Games came to thought... and there is a quote...

"the important thing in life is not to triumph but to compete…not victory but combat…not to have vanquished but to have fought well…not winning but taking part…” 
                                                                           ― Pierre de Coubertin
So I thought, why not,... :D Give a try.. :P and adding to the existing type of posting this.. I am 9th day blogger and absolutely new in blogggggggggiiiinnnnnggggg arena... :D

Image credits to Samantha... :) For all her time to make it awesome :)

I immediately thought about 4 topics..
1) My Experiences and life ( Already taken by ananya - DAMN YOU )
2) Emotions and Perspectives ( Already taken by swathi - DAMN YOU )
3) People in my Life ( Don't have anyone by the name starting with x and y, DAMN ME.. for not having any chinese or japanese friend, Tho i learnt Japanese from Kan Hiromi :D )
4)Craziness ( DAMN ME.. I know i can't have content :P )

and Finally was confused.. :D WOWWWWW Confusion.. nice topic :P and later thought.. When i am already confused.. WHAT ON EARTH would the readers be :D

So I called my Legal Advisor.. My Mom.. and after spending a minute,,, :P My mom asked me is that only one letter a day.. can't we use 2 ??? All i said to my mom .. was a big THANKS.. Love you mom.. :D

So here i am with a topic :D

Transition of Double Double U.. Ahhhh.. I meant Transition of Double W ( Double Word )

example :
A transition from (A)ll to (A)nother - the experiences with a lover :P ( just a crazy example :P )

I am uniquely blessed with Excellent Beginners Luck.. :D and after all i have less than 5 viewers who actually reads my blogs.. :D so I am immune and stay in Stealth Mode .. So The Game is On !!!!!!!!