This is the topic which my friend gave me to write on after reading my He, She and What... IT ??? blog....  I cant make more sense or write about frost and his poem for school kids ;) 

Thank you DUBAI for Friday holiday, which i am on full pursuit to just keep typing nonsense sitting in corner of Starbucks .. :P ( and Oh damn Sunday is Work :X )

Every single human is made and lives as the experiences and situations of his or her life.. this gives the person a perspective and approach to continue living his / her life..
I personally believe there is something that teaches anyone in this world the art of living… that’s not what the spiritual classes conducted under the name of Some SRI SRI and taking some mind and heart nonsense.. which I personally feel as useless unless a person tries to even listen to the boring lecture.. ( no offense ) The simple tool is Poverty or shortage of resources call it  any resource … I would more focus on Money.. Cos money means a lot at the period we are living.
If someone wonders whats the relation between The Road not taken and Poverty or The art of Living… I would give you my constant reply of all my blogs.. all my scribbling are nothing but an emotional outburst of my heart and how I feel things.. it’s not linear.. never can be.. and atmost complex thing I can ever try to make it proper. But still the relation is what I am trying to say in my note here.
Incident to relate…
                This happened during my 9th grade, a very few friends know that we in family went into a financial break down due to backstabbing and various other reasons my dad and his business went into a deep sink, which was potentially back to streets. So obviously our relatives vanished into blues..  and we are secluded to grounds…  I couldn’t pay my school fees of petty 2684 rs + 600 rs exam fees..  Just cos of it I wasn’t allowed to write my quarterly exams ( english 2nd paper ) and still the school management kept on insisting on paying the fees.. so I was made to do the inevitable.. bunk school.. thus the result I didn’t go to school for 3 months.. I gave out random excuses like health issues and blah blah to my close friends.. Hiding and lying for maintaining the pride of our family. There had been weeks were me and my mom had been without food and literally starving for a piece of food.. and made sure my dad gets his food and keeps moving and find a way to get out.. we used to get money like 100s from uncle when we go to his home.. so to get some cash, we had to go to his home :D and the funny part is I was short of 50 paise to catch the bus for the route and started walking all the way to his home.. with 3 rs in hand and got ice pepsi with it :P as the days moved.. we did got out of the mess to some extent and still have some debt to clear.. but that taught me the worth of money.. and money wasn’t an interesting part later but people… cos it was people, a very few ones who stood behind us and made us what we are today.. to a better state…. Else prolly I wouldn’t have studied and god knows what would have happened.. This made me a care free person towards money.. and atleast I mind relationship with people whom I find worthy.

Not everyone would have taken the same road as I did.. and thus the journey and destination defined is totally different for you and whom so ever who is reading this.. This is not for getting sympathy by my experience.. it’s just to convey that every human can’t be like you and not everytime even if you try to the maximum extent can’t understand a person.. Just respect the person for what he is and whatever he is doing and trying to… because that “ The Road is not taken “ by you…..