Life has been filled with ups and downs and as the usual saying as all.. Yes, Life is a roller coaster ride and regardless of what happens i enjoy my life.. For people who knows me in real life, they would accept the fact I am one of the most mischievous and highly jovial guy among any gangs through out my life... :D

So i like to say Top 3 pranks of my life :D

#3 I was a master planner when it comes to Prank.. So one friend of mine was showing off to max and i broke my threshold.. so what we planned was we all shall pretend that he don't exist and we don't see or hear him... Literally making him as a living ghost.. This was planned for almost 2 months and all was set to act on his b day.. We went to the extend that it was extended to his parents, maid, neighbor, professors and even chaiwala :D Everything went in action .. None of us wished him for his b day, hide his mobile phone.. and put everything to action.. For 3 hours.. this guy went nuts :P he started crying and was sitting infront of mirror and wondering whether he had his physic :P Finally his mom broke the ice seeing his face so sad.. 
Later... The prank was all turned to me... I had to taste my own medicine when my friends did the same prank on me again.. :D Since i knew what was happening.. i went and slapped and kicked my friend so harshly and finally within seconds .. they broke the prank :D

# 2 During my 10th, There were a set of Americans who came to our school and there was an ice breaking session where we need to say what TV show we like and watch.. :P So i thought of saying our very own Shakthimaan :D They were asking who is he and what he does.. :D I said he was a super hero and flies by rotating and went to heights and was hanging from the Fan and went on a couple of rounds :P Within minutes, the fan broke and fell right on my knees :D Kabooommmm.. There it goes.. and my parents had to come to school , meet the principal and send me again to school.. and buying a new fan :D

#1 I am a born physicist ; I almost have a own set of gadgets and instruments designed by myself.. :D Locks activated by music :D , Wireless Shock :P and a huge list :D So what is the prank was..  I made a wireless speaker.. a miniature one and activated by my laptop :D i did 3 set of speakers and attached under the bed.. :D Usually during some relative functions.. :D at night... when everyone slept.. i used to either play some horror tones, or Govinda Govinda or Some evil laugh :D and they would run outta their rooms in minutes and yelling :D Almost 14 victims for the prank :D and did again when we friends, went for Ooty :D in Car :D God gracias... the driver was informed.. else would have met in accident at night :D