There has always been 2 L in one L for me… Love and Luck in Life.. J
Blog isn’t a place to describe how Love has been filled in my Life, I can only say My Mom makes it all .. but being Lucky has certainly got it’s place…
I have a very strict dad… I am Just Lucky..  That I am not been dragged by adolescent madness or spoiled my life with Night life
I have a gullible yet lovable mom… I am Just Lucky… That I have cheated her a couple of times in my childhood and attained a habit never to Cheat a people.. and I exactly know how it hurts.. especially if they are your loved one..
I am the only kid in my family… I am Just Lucky… That I got the full love of my parents and they mean the world to me…  and I have learnt to respect people and didn’t limit companionship within my family…  Now I have a whole new uncountable sisters and brothers…
I am black… I am Just Lucky.. That I have spent part of my Childhood  with serious inferiority complex… and here I am with a proud feel I am rich with Melanin and yes I am protected from UV light.. without any necessity to run behind SPF creams :D
I had a Acne Vulgaris… I am Just Lucky..  That it came in right time.. When my hormones mastered my sense.. there wasn’t any girls looking or coming behind me… J
I suffered with Poverty… I am Just Lucky.. I know what is my need, want and extravagance… More than that I learnt to respect and evaluate people
I have starved for food..  I am Just Lucky..  I have developed a Humane mind not to let anyone starve.. atleast within my network…

I am Just Lucky.. That I don’t confine luck as what I appears.. but a perspective which a man see…..