I have never thought i would write to mean say blog... !!! There is something called Extrinsic Motivation which always make people who do which they never thought would do.. !! You name those people as Inspiring Personalities.... I did a little work in my leisure yesterday and would like to give the awards for people who i respect and got inspired.. and also a stalking list.. where i read but have never commented in their blogs :D

In no particular order..
1) Ananya Tales
2) Flightless Bird Thoughtful Wings
3) Damyanti Writes
4) Red Handed
5) The Sunny Side of Life
6) Thoughts...
7) Flashbacks
8) The Philosopher's Stone

Okay... Don't curse me if the Award looks bad.. :P :)
But it's a heart felt one !!! :) You people are sheer awesome... and sorry that i stalked most :P and officially saying i read your blogs :) Do share if you are inspired by any :)

Shyam Sundar :D