Had a chit chat with a friend over coffee today... Topics went over everything and someone's attempt to hack his sister's facebook account...  He is one of the very few friends who knows i am a hacker.. and said why don't you say it to other friends... So here i am to share few moments and reason why i shut my mouth..

1) I am a hacker and not a cracker.. For CS students and techies, that is enough to explain .. for other common people.. Hacker is a person who does constructive one and doesn't peep into others account, Invade your privacy or use your account for malicious use or steal data.. Cracker does it all.... Since Hacking is termed as a sin or crime.. so does Hacker has become.. So There is a new term "ETHICAL HACKERS or White Hackers" I belong to this category.. I am a certified ethical hacker.. simple as network administrator..

2) I am into Computers by passion.. I have never been a CS Student nor do it as a profession, I am a strategist by profession.. Learnt by self.. Crashed a lot of computers, since my dad took the franchise of Aptech Computer Education for few cities.

3) I like making friends.. I don't want them to feel me as an alien.. The very moment i say i am a hacker.. The next statement is i need to be careful about you.. or Please don't hack into my FB or gmail account.. Trust me.. I have never illegally hacked into anyone's account.. Never had the intention or wished even to read any chats or peep into others account. I took a swear to my mom i won't too !! :D

4) I am constantly pestered by my friends , friends' friend, friend's sisters friend, etc etc for hacking into their EX or Crush or wanna be GF/BF facebook, gmail account.. Some went to heights of asking me to hack into the accounts of their dad and mom.. Saying that they think they are into Extra marital relations.. There is nothing more or other which pisses me in my life more than that...

5) Dude... Every skills i got has been learnt by lots of efforts and time.. !!! So don't come and ask.. How easy is hacking man.. how long do you take to hack into someone's FB or Gmail account.. I reply hardly 5 - 8 minutes.. next question.. Dude please teach me to hack into FB and Gmail alone.. i don't want to know anymore.. What do expect me to do ??? teach you to hack and practise it for illegal purpose... ?

6) I do hack into accounts for people whose accounts is hacked by spam, virus or other hacker.. !! and i do it for professional purpose.. i have worked with Police for solving cases and also created some console for Cisco.. I have hacked into almost 50 + accounts.. Not a single one was hacked for Privacy intrusion and only to recover their accounts back... Now i don't do to recover these days unless very mandatory..

7) The most important thing.. Whom so ever i say.. I say to you because you are my friend and i share things with you.. Not to suppress, threaten or have a fear on me.. I have always been a friend and never and ever will look into your hood.. !!

I am a proud for what skills i have.. don't portray me as sinister....