Veronica had a fear when using the Ouija board.. but it’s after all her  twin sister who has turned into ghost.. The very thought just brought Veronica the courage to take the play…  She had the courage to ask her to stop killing Flavia and Gary about whom the Blog for today and next day is about to be posted.. The Ouija Board responded as It’s your call.. Make it final and I shall or shall not proceed. Veronica thought there is something fishy about the reply.. yet had the decision that those people shouldn’t be killed..  The Ouija Board responded YES and Good bye..  Tho the Ouija board was kept away.. Veronica can now clearly sense Florence presence around her.. She wished that she don’t have the dreams of people killed..   and it was a peaceful sleep for her..
Two days later, Glenn gave the report of the Cerebral reading.. !!! It said Positive and Negative vibrations of two Paranormal presence… Veronica knew it is the reason.. but later when she read the report.. She noticed “TWO” … She just have overheard what Doctor said.. and now a series of qns came to her mind.. Who is the other.. and who is creating a positive vibes and who is creating the negative vibe.. ??? Did your final call from Florence Soul meant something ??? Did Florence actually turned from Ghost to God ???

Stay Tuned….