Veronica had a long day today.. !! Veronica is a newbie in Blogging and she started blogging since her friends were all creative writers, she has always seen them like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie… They have always flaunted their abilities.. So she too started blogging taking them as a benchmark… Just like all her friends, she too signed up for  the Legendary A – Z challenge .. More than that She is a sport.. So thought of coming up with a theme oriented writing… All day she had lectures and her brain was thinking profusely on getting a suitable topic since it was 21st March. Finally her friend Alan came up with a topic of “People” and she thought she will stick to it.. She posted it in her blog and also gave the names from A – Alan Hover to Z – Zao Kingsley..

Veronica was AWAKE for past 5 days.. Since She was on the verge of completing her project and more than that… She has been seriously hallucinating for past few days and also suffering with serious nightmare, which make her wake up and spoil her sleep…  Due of many days without sleep and a long day… Veronica slept unconsciously while she was thinking what to blog for the A – Z Challenge.. Very soon she was fast ASLEEP..

Veronica in her dreams :

Successfully finished my theme revelation and soon there goes a post on Facebook, tagging all 26 friends about whom I am going to blog about.. My comments hit the all time best of 120 comments.. J I was like YAY !! Tho I wished there can be an amanuensis for helping her.. and also wished she was Ambidextrous since she had to write down her project..
Alan Hover – How I wish to propose you.. and more than that.. I would I thank you for all your help.. Even to write the prompt.. ..

Veronica was standing on a random road.. next moment, she was standing in college corridor, next flash… She experiences a severe pain .. She was experiencing a Car Accident..   caused by a random women like image diverting our attention and Alan.. The person whom I love and about to write my first blog.. Is crushed before her very eye…and seeing him breath his last breath…  and a paper flies in AIR..  With this symbol

It didn't take her much time to understand what it means.. !!! A fear arouse chilling her down her spine... and she turned to her right.. and there lied Alan Hover dead.... She scream aloud and woke up from her worst Nightmare.. She was thankful to the God.. that's it's just dreams...her women instincts said there is something terrible gonna happen on the forcoming days.. So she consulted Ms. Laxmi Balakrishnan.. A renowned dreams and paranormal activities expert.. As her intuition said.. She conveyed.. Your dreams do convey certain message.. and it's on the person's hand to decipher what it conveys... and Laxmi said Veronica had a great gift of Extra Terrestrial Perception, which does says what is up in future.. 

Few hours later.. Veronica just posted her first blog ( April 1) about Alan Hover..  and after minutes.. she took her car and went straight to her college..  as soon as she stepped in she heard her friend maxy yelling and running towards me.. She came straight to veronica and said Alan died in a car accident half an hour before.. Before the word reached There was a strange fear creeping all the way .. Veronica doubted whether Maxy is fooling her since it's April 1.. but not so long.. before she received a series of message saying Alan passed away... from various friend...

Time of Death : 10:17 AM

Veronica cried the Whole day.. and went home and saw her blog got comments.. one comment was " Fluffy I see you"... Fluffy is her childhood pet name, which none of her High school or college mates know...After reading it , she just moved her head in front.. and Saw the time the blog was posted 

Time of Posting : 10:17 AM..

Stunned and her pink face went Pale in seconds ....She was very certain that a deadly danger is in front of her eyes ... and there is more to come.... and she decided she need deciphers her dreams before she give too much space to the evil...

Will Veronica decipher her dreams ??? Is her A - Z list is a hitlist of someone??? 

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