12 April 2014

Veronica is yet to have her dinner.. but was long asleep... So her mom just jolted her awake to finish her dinner and get back to bed.. !!! She was literally cursing her mom.. for disturbing her sleep in half ways..  Yet she managed to control her anger and did her chores faster and yes back to bed.. She was back in the womb of her mother as a kid and was on the time of delivery.. She was literally getting out to the world.. and Yes like all child.. she yelled and cried...

She can feel someone shaking her.. and saying Veronica Veronica.. She opened her eyes.. and she could see her Mom and dad standing right before her.. !!! and she could barely notice and feel the tears on her eyes..  She noticed something different about her mom.. It was her hair style and the color of her dress..  Soon her mom said.. Guess you had a nightmare child.. and don't take too many stress before submitting your project..

Veronica had a spark immediately.. BEFORE THE PROJECT submission ??? she immediately took her mobile and saw the time n date.. it was 8 am .. 1st April... She pinched herself to check whether she was dreaming.. but she could feel the pain..

She quickly opened her laptop and checked her Blog.. The A - Z challenge has not started yet..

She just then thought.. She was in dream within a dream.. She joyfully said The effect of inception movie..and she was more happy that Alan and her other friends are alive and everything is just a dream...

not so long.. She saw her window screen flapping hardly.. without any air.// Veronica was all afraid again....

Did Florence come back in real world ??? What's up with the A - Z challenge and dreams ??

Stay Tuned....

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11 April 2014

There is a famous saying.. Careless people are always around... am such one.. :P Scheduling it at wrong date :P

Well Back to story.. !! 

What seemed a mere illusion has turned into a sheer presence.. Not only sticking to the sides of just science.. but her experience on own conveys that she is into a serious state of paranormal influence.. !! Glenn had taught her various methods to influence thinking pattern and also help her out of the dream sequence...  She had to keep the rhythm.. as well as make sure she need to make sure all are safe.. Somehow she managed to save Isabelle her I post from death.. by thinking about totally different things right from the sleep start... 

But the main pressure is now.. Her J post... which is none other than her Mother Jacquline.. and Florence has also warned there is a huge threat on J post.. which created an eerie with her...soon the day went off and Veronica went to sleep before her normal schedule..  soon she saw herself on her place of Inception.. The Womb....

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10 April 2014

For for the late post.. Was busy with work and didn't schedule it either...

Veronica let a quick word out with her parents about her communicaion with florence.. They thought Veronica is under stress and she is blabbering cos of it... So Veronica brought the Ouija board and kept the board to play.. and seeing it responding... they went into a shock.. Veronica's mother had a lot of patience to communicate with it to a greater extend.. and she came to know that.Florence was the guardian angel of Veronica through out and saving her from all the issues concerned in near past.... Florence said there is a huge threat for veronica and it's about to happen when she posts her K post.. and She did her level best to stop and it's upto Veronica to do now...

Veronica seems haunted since her dreams have started to appear and she has been hallucinating even in day time.... She has scheduled her post about Harry.. and hardly have 2 hours to hit to bed.. What is going to happen in her dreams ??? and who is the second soul which is influencing Veronica's dreams.. !!! IF Florence is the guardian angel... Hate has turned to close heart ..... Stay tuned...

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09 April 2014

Veronica had a fear when using the Ouija board.. but it’s after all her  twin sister who has turned into ghost.. The very thought just brought Veronica the courage to take the play…  She had the courage to ask her to stop killing Flavia and Gary about whom the Blog for today and next day is about to be posted.. The Ouija Board responded as It’s your call.. Make it final and I shall or shall not proceed. Veronica thought there is something fishy about the reply.. yet had the decision that those people shouldn’t be killed..  The Ouija Board responded YES and Good bye..  Tho the Ouija board was kept away.. Veronica can now clearly sense Florence presence around her.. She wished that she don’t have the dreams of people killed..   and it was a peaceful sleep for her..
Two days later, Glenn gave the report of the Cerebral reading.. !!! It said Positive and Negative vibrations of two Paranormal presence… Veronica knew it is the reason.. but later when she read the report.. She noticed “TWO” … She just have overheard what Doctor said.. and now a series of qns came to her mind.. Who is the other.. and who is creating a positive vibes and who is creating the negative vibe.. ??? Did your final call from Florence Soul meant something ??? Did Florence actually turned from Ghost to God ???

Stay Tuned….

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07 April 2014

Veronica was seriously ill all off sudden.. Despite that she wanted to meet Elaise.. tho she didn't have the college on sunday.. She wanted to make sure Elaise is alive. She scheduled her E post left despite her illness.. by the time she reached Elaise, there was a huge crowd in front of her house.. and that made Veronica fear and she felt a strange feeling like ice creeping on her Spinal Cord... She dashed and moved forward to Elaise and as soon as Elaise saw Veronica.. she came running and hugged Veronica and said.. What you said is true.. !!!

Soon Elaise said that she saw an image of Alan and he tried to flirt with her.. and while talking to Elaise.. Alan has also conversed with some other person which is invisible.. Elaise was so sure it was Alan and she was so frightened since she has seen a ghost and her first encounter with a paranormal existence.. Soon that became the hot of the news and that's the reason for the crowd.. Since Veronica has already said about her dreams and paranormal activities around her to Elaise.. She had trusted Veronica now.. and was ready to do anything to save herself...

Veronica checked with coffee mug and found Strychnine presence in it.. and she was glad that Elaise didn't sip it .. she didn't say it to her too, that the mug had poison it...

Veronica and Elaise went to a super market and found a Ouija Board.. She took that to her room and placed a coin.. She could sense a sudden chillness in the place.. and she asked who is it.. the coin moved to F -> L ->O ->R ->E ->N ->C ->E... As the name is lettered.. Veronica's face went pale in fear cos it was her Twin Sister name, who died during her infant days.. while trying to rescue Veronica from a quick sand...

She soon thought the her fable reading twin is no more a fallacy but a sheer existence ...

She went blank and had just Fable to Fallacy in her mind .. till the day end....

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06 April 2014

Had a chit chat with a friend over coffee today... Topics went over everything and someone's attempt to hack his sister's facebook account...  He is one of the very few friends who knows i am a hacker.. and said why don't you say it to other friends... So here i am to share few moments and reason why i shut my mouth..

1) I am a hacker and not a cracker.. For CS students and techies, that is enough to explain .. for other common people.. Hacker is a person who does constructive one and doesn't peep into others account, Invade your privacy or use your account for malicious use or steal data.. Cracker does it all.... Since Hacking is termed as a sin or crime.. so does Hacker has become.. So There is a new term "ETHICAL HACKERS or White Hackers" I belong to this category.. I am a certified ethical hacker.. simple as network administrator..

2) I am into Computers by passion.. I have never been a CS Student nor do it as a profession, I am a strategist by profession.. Learnt by self.. Crashed a lot of computers, since my dad took the franchise of Aptech Computer Education for few cities.

3) I like making friends.. I don't want them to feel me as an alien.. The very moment i say i am a hacker.. The next statement is i need to be careful about you.. or Please don't hack into my FB or gmail account.. Trust me.. I have never illegally hacked into anyone's account.. Never had the intention or wished even to read any chats or peep into others account. I took a swear to my mom i won't too !! :D

4) I am constantly pestered by my friends , friends' friend, friend's sisters friend, etc etc for hacking into their EX or Crush or wanna be GF/BF facebook, gmail account.. Some went to heights of asking me to hack into the accounts of their dad and mom.. Saying that they think they are into Extra marital relations.. There is nothing more or other which pisses me in my life more than that...

5) Dude... Every skills i got has been learnt by lots of efforts and time.. !!! So don't come and ask.. How easy is hacking man.. how long do you take to hack into someone's FB or Gmail account.. I reply hardly 5 - 8 minutes.. next question.. Dude please teach me to hack into FB and Gmail alone.. i don't want to know anymore.. What do expect me to do ??? teach you to hack and practise it for illegal purpose... ?

6) I do hack into accounts for people whose accounts is hacked by spam, virus or other hacker.. !! and i do it for professional purpose.. i have worked with Police for solving cases and also created some console for Cisco.. I have hacked into almost 50 + accounts.. Not a single one was hacked for Privacy intrusion and only to recover their accounts back... Now i don't do to recover these days unless very mandatory..

7) The most important thing.. Whom so ever i say.. I say to you because you are my friend and i share things with you.. Not to suppress, threaten or have a fear on me.. I have always been a friend and never and ever will look into your hood.. !!

I am a proud for what skills i have.. don't portray me as sinister....

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05 April 2014

I have never thought i would write to mean say blog... !!! There is something called Extrinsic Motivation which always make people who do which they never thought would do.. !! You name those people as Inspiring Personalities.... I did a little work in my leisure yesterday and would like to give the awards for people who i respect and got inspired.. and also a stalking list.. where i read but have never commented in their blogs :D

In no particular order..
1) Ananya Tales
2) Flightless Bird Thoughtful Wings
3) Damyanti Writes
4) Red Handed
5) The Sunny Side of Life
6) Thoughts...
7) Flashbacks
8) The Philosopher's Stone

Okay... Don't curse me if the Award looks bad.. :P :)
But it's a heart felt one !!! :) You people are sheer awesome... and sorry that i stalked most :P and officially saying i read your blogs :) Do share if you are inspired by any :)

Shyam Sundar :D

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Veronica was interrogated for Daniel's rape case and shoplifting.. She explained that she did everything for saving Daniel from death... Police started laughing at her statement and was about to issue a case against ill use of Government Officials .. Veronica called Laxmi and Glenn and forwarded the phone to Police.. Police heard the explanations from both the ladies and felt it was way much of normal understanding but did release Veronica with a minimal fine ..

Veronica conveyed everything to Daniel.. but he was way too agitated by the arrest.. and went away in a jiffy... Veronica thought let the time explain things rather than she making efforts to do so...

Soon.. Veronica headed her home.. and found that mom and dad has moved out to consult a lawyer to get her released... Veronica called her parents and said she is home..

Not so soon... she heard a shriek yell in her bedroom... She just ran straight to it... she saw none there.. but she could sense someone very familiar nearby.. She heard a gruff tone saying.. Fluffy fluffy... So she said yes.. who is it..  she heard a laughing tone and it continued saying.. Good effort.. But one more time you do the same.. You will be dead..  Veronica could understand that she couldn't kill her friends anymore in dreams.. which would make her dead... and at the very minute.. She saw her dressing glass shattering right in front of her eyes.. She was certain now that there is a paranormal activity in and around here....

Veronica took no efforts to clean the shard.. and she went straight to her laptop and started typing her blog about Elaise.. and scheduled it during her Class timing.. so that she was with her at the moment the blog gets published...

Before her parents gets home.. Veronica wrote a Stick it note saying not to disturb and went to sleep....

She had a way to get Elaise safe.. all she wanted to do was try implementing..

As usual she had her hallucinations and yes.. She could force it better than now.. She saw Elaise sitting in the cafeteria... She forced Alan's presence there.. and he brought a cappuccino which is poisoned with Strychnine .. Soon Elaise had the drink and fell dead..

Soon the paper started flying.... and it was just as Veronica expected...
She was happy that she could find a way to save Elaise.. and she has one whole sunday to think and find a way to save Foremen by the time she posts her blog... She was wishing and seriously praying that Elaise shouldn't be dead by next day....

Veronica woke up the next day..and patted herself for the ingenious idea.. and thought.. How a dream could turn from eerie to egregious .. !!! Without knowing the disaster which is going to happen in a couple of hours.....

Stay Tuned..!!!!!

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04 April 2014

After hearing Claris death.. Veronica just went ballistic thinking what she should do...  She just had 23 more hours to save Daniel to save from death.. and she was in bed and she certainly knew she doesn't have so long to fall in sleep and see the inevitable scene of Daniel being dead.. !!! Finally she had no other option but go to sleep and try her luck in Forced Dreaming....and Veronica had an insane idea popping up.. she had to try her luck in that..

Soon she went to deep sleep and had her usual hallucinations.. !!! She saw daniel walking alone in the corridor of the college.. and Veronica forced her thoughts that she had a dagger.. !! soon she had found she had a dagger and in no time.. Veronica ran and stabbed the dagger right on Daniel's chest.. Daniel was writhing in pain and fell dead in no time.. Veronica felt fortunate that she could force her dreams to some extend.. Very soon Veronica saw a paper flying in the air.. and she was very eager to know what it has... It just had the symbol which she expected...

Veronica jumped in air that she succeeded in her dreams.. she went into deep sleep without no dreams soon... Veronica woke the early morning and wrote the blog and scheduled it in the mid day.. and went to college.. In the middle of the day just a hour more for the blog to be posted.. Veronica called to police and said Daniel tried to rape her.. and she scratched herself to show the wounds of an attempted rape.. and in next poor daniel was in jail, wondering what happened... and Veronica also went to a nearby super market and tried to fake a shoplift and got arrested in no time.. When the blog got posted.. Both Veronica and Daniel was in Jail.. Everything veronica was doing was praying that Daniel shouldn't be killed on any other means.. Since she was pretty sure, She wouldn't kill Daniel... Even after hours of the blog post.. she didn't get any news of Daniel's death...

The first survivor of the A - Z challenge list is Daniel off course... Veronica was wondering what other ways she would try till Glenn interprets her brain activity and give a explanation for happenings..

After a couple of days.. Veronica had a day without shedding any tears.. !!! and she just smirked to herself thinking she turned from Dainty to Daring :D  

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03 April 2014

Veronica was the lead suspect ... Both Person in the list Alan and Betty is no more .. This was a more than obvious reason for the primary suspect.. !!!

Veronica was in police custody in no time.. The match of blog post and death time as well as her chat time with friends in Facebook during the murder time and accident time was making her a safe escape from Police Custody .. This is the first time Veronica was glad she was chatting with friends on FB.. She also said to police about the dreams and she believed it is conveying a statement to her. 

Veronica thought it requires a super natural reason and a paranormal approach to it.. and not so soon, she was in the cabin with Laxmi Balakrishnan..  Laxmi gave a concept of Forced thinking in dreams.. she said dreams are always our own reflection of thoughts.. Veronica said she never had a thought of seeing alan or betty die.. !! She also wanted to save Claris.. Her C list to be saved at any cost.. and it was too much for her to bear the pain..  So Veronica and Laxmi went along to a Psychiatrist who cures and gives explanation for Super human activies by Sub conscious mind study and activity.. 

Glenn spedhook, the psychiatrist sets Veronica in forced sleep... Veronica was soon having her hallucinations.. As laxmi said.. Veronica thought process was vigorous and forced it on Claris.. Soon She saw claris yelling by the sight of a Viper before her eyes and on the verge of biting Claris.. Veronica tried her level best to force to stop the dream sequence.. but the amateur effort was not enough to stop it...

As usual the paper flew from no where and whoosh.. Veronica cried and she knew what the content is..  She turned the paper to see the same....

Glenn took a note of her cerebral readings.. and said it would take her 4 days to calculate and simulate the effects.. Veronica couldn't bear the fact that it is too much time to save her friends.. All she could say was Try to get it as soon as possible..

Veronica didn't blog about Claris the other day... it was 11:50 at the night.. All she had was 10 mins to decide.. and she took a hard decision of blogging since the blog post quitting might lead to death of all her list from C - Z.... So finally she posted about Claris by 11:59.... and slept...

Not so soon.. by 12:30 she got a call from Maxy again saying Claris died by a snake venom.. prolly by a viper.. Veronica lost a very good friend... and she had not even shed a tear, since she knew the inevitable...
All she wrote was Cobber to Corpse in the last line of her diary.....

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02 April 2014

Alan’s created an emptiness in the Heart of Veronica.. yet.. She was strong enough to think what has been the reason for his death… Her Women Instinct said that she was the sole reason for all this mess..  She cried her soul out.. and also was in serious depression since her love is no more..  Hours went for veronica together worried and confused.. !!! She was one the most gorgeous girl in the University.. not only by looks but also by brains.. !! but this was nothing but a disaster for her.. which literally turned the BEAUTY to BEAST.. 
In mean time.. The beginning blogger Veronica’s attempt on A – Z friends was a huge hit.. cos it was about her friends and the first blog about Alan.. Was a sheer clean hit since he was one of the most admired guy in college for his good looks and mad basketball skills.. The admiration of Alan was reflected on the blog and also was serving like the best Obituary for Alan..
Veronica had a serious thought of quitting the A – Z challenge for 2 reasons.. Since she dreamt of Alan’s death and moreover she didn’t have the heart to write more.. In the thinking process.. Veronica went to sleep and …………………………………….
She had random places… and random movements.. Veronica felt like Déjà Vu..  All She yelled from sleep was darn… Not again… She saw Betty.. Her second letter “B” friend ,falling like a log before her very eyes… !! There goes a sharp glass shard on her Abdomen deep… and betty yelling “You know it Veronica “ and veronica sees a paper flying in air and she what is the content before she see…

There is a P.T.O on the down below the mark.. and she read “ THE DAY YOU STOP BLOGGING, THERE GOES ALL YOU’RE A –Z LIST DEAD “
Veronica cried out loud and woke up .. It was 1 in night.. She immediately typed the content and blogged about Betty..  and slept again…
Just like any other day.. She woke up without knowing any thought… and made her move to college… She heard the news.. Betty was murdered in her apartment with a beer bottle shard.. !!!
Veronica knew it before.. She tried to relax but couldn’t… She said to herself.. You gotta meet a psychiatrist soon… !!!
The time of Blog entry again matched with the time of death..
Not so soon … Veronica was suspected that she could have murdered Betty… !!!

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01 April 2014

Veronica had a long day today.. !! Veronica is a newbie in Blogging and she started blogging since her friends were all creative writers, she has always seen them like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie… They have always flaunted their abilities.. So she too started blogging taking them as a benchmark… Just like all her friends, she too signed up for  the Legendary A – Z challenge .. More than that She is a sport.. So thought of coming up with a theme oriented writing… All day she had lectures and her brain was thinking profusely on getting a suitable topic since it was 21st March. Finally her friend Alan came up with a topic of “People” and she thought she will stick to it.. She posted it in her blog and also gave the names from A – Alan Hover to Z – Zao Kingsley..

Veronica was AWAKE for past 5 days.. Since She was on the verge of completing her project and more than that… She has been seriously hallucinating for past few days and also suffering with serious nightmare, which make her wake up and spoil her sleep…  Due of many days without sleep and a long day… Veronica slept unconsciously while she was thinking what to blog for the A – Z Challenge.. Very soon she was fast ASLEEP..

Veronica in her dreams :

Successfully finished my theme revelation and soon there goes a post on Facebook, tagging all 26 friends about whom I am going to blog about.. My comments hit the all time best of 120 comments.. J I was like YAY !! Tho I wished there can be an amanuensis for helping her.. and also wished she was Ambidextrous since she had to write down her project..
Alan Hover – How I wish to propose you.. and more than that.. I would I thank you for all your help.. Even to write the prompt.. ..

Veronica was standing on a random road.. next moment, she was standing in college corridor, next flash… She experiences a severe pain .. She was experiencing a Car Accident..   caused by a random women like image diverting our attention and Alan.. The person whom I love and about to write my first blog.. Is crushed before her very eye…and seeing him breath his last breath…  and a paper flies in AIR..  With this symbol

It didn't take her much time to understand what it means.. !!! A fear arouse chilling her down her spine... and she turned to her right.. and there lied Alan Hover dead.... She scream aloud and woke up from her worst Nightmare.. She was thankful to the God.. that's it's just dreams...her women instincts said there is something terrible gonna happen on the forcoming days.. So she consulted Ms. Laxmi Balakrishnan.. A renowned dreams and paranormal activities expert.. As her intuition said.. She conveyed.. Your dreams do convey certain message.. and it's on the person's hand to decipher what it conveys... and Laxmi said Veronica had a great gift of Extra Terrestrial Perception, which does says what is up in future.. 

Few hours later.. Veronica just posted her first blog ( April 1) about Alan Hover..  and after minutes.. she took her car and went straight to her college..  as soon as she stepped in she heard her friend maxy yelling and running towards me.. She came straight to veronica and said Alan died in a car accident half an hour before.. Before the word reached There was a strange fear creeping all the way .. Veronica doubted whether Maxy is fooling her since it's April 1.. but not so long.. before she received a series of message saying Alan passed away... from various friend...

Time of Death : 10:17 AM

Veronica cried the Whole day.. and went home and saw her blog got comments.. one comment was " Fluffy I see you"... Fluffy is her childhood pet name, which none of her High school or college mates know...After reading it , she just moved her head in front.. and Saw the time the blog was posted 

Time of Posting : 10:17 AM..

Stunned and her pink face went Pale in seconds ....She was very certain that a deadly danger is in front of her eyes ... and there is more to come.... and she decided she need deciphers her dreams before she give too much space to the evil...

Will Veronica decipher her dreams ??? Is her A - Z list is a hitlist of someone??? 

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