Hi, Hello and Welcome to everyone……
                A new blogger… errr.. technically a new writer in blogging arena…   Before I start saying any tom, dick and harry post relatively shit with no certainty or any correlation with one paragraph to other, I request you to have immense patience and off course time to read my blogs..

Starting from the scratch… Why the hell did I start writing…. ???
That’s the question which is quite a story to tell and yes.. I have a topic to blog for the first blog….
I was minding my own business of snapping some dogs, broken buildings, and all useless things..  Not just as a fad which youth of this generation have… !!! Yes.. I hope you have guessed it right..  
Step 1 : Buy a DSLR, take random snaps.. ADD example Photography as Watermark :P
Step 2 : Start a blog site
Step 3 : If possible buy a domain
Step 4 : Create a Facebook Page !!! ( Very important )

Now I was doing exactly the same shit.. but not as a fad… !! I love taking photos, I can connect things to the pictures I take.. Atleast I post only those.. .and was part of few World Famous Photography Club.. but Without having a Camera.. :P ( Borrow and Snap method )
Now what are you talking abt… !! I know you might have asked this question by this time… Well this part explains that… I was in my own World and then stumbled upon a site.. and Yes, Indiblogger happened… :P Started reading all the posts which was posted in Indiblogger.. J and Stumbled upon few people who is almost of my same thoughts and age probably…  And more than Photography.. I was totally impressed by a couple of people who are not high time bloggers.. but beginners but yet had the conviction and posted content than shit..  More than anything.. They could express what they felt and extremely proud of what they do.. yet had the most basic quality of being down to earth and readiness to learn things..  Well, As everyone.. I too had a complex brain.. worked out a way… and here I am with my scribbles…  Not that I am conveying that am a sport too.. or a writer… but I always had admired people who write.. and well I have a serious respect for people who do it… 

My Dad used to always say… A good speaker should always be a good listener… and so I came with a analogous one… A good writer should always be a good reader.. Well I am good with reading part..  What’s wrong in giving a try writing…  ???
So here I am .. Scribbling something… and probably scribbling on daily basis.. remembering my exam times :P where I don’t have any knowledge what I am gonna write and how… :D So Good luck and God Speed…
P.s If you are looking for a good beginner Bloggers who made me come up with this hell dangerous attempt on writing.. then the answers is 2 ladies… 

This blog is dedicated to you 2 ladies.. for officially saying DAMN YOU Blog Writers... :P

And not to forget Indiblogger for making me to get to know these bloggers.. :)