A surprising topic which even i didn't think of writing..  A sudden thought of writing on this topic, when i met a friend after quite sometime.. If you are wondering, what's that.. Keep reading you would know... After reading the post.. You would think me as either of one :D
Option 1 : A pessimism lover
Option 2 : A Show off
Option 3 : A geek / nerd / jerk ( whatever :P ) .. and with no further do.. let's get to the blog.. :P

I am the only kid in my family ( My mom says i was more than enough for 5 kids trouble .. totally different ball game tho.. :P ).. and practically no siblings, cousins or whatever you name for people of same generation.. I am the kid in our family next to my uncle who is like 15 years ahead of me :D So naturally pampered by every person in my life.. :D And i was not a part of any small family.. but a family of almost 40 near relatives.. So naturally i was outspoken, fun, jovial and never had any problems mingling with people or finding it relatively easy to interact even with total strangers.. :D Got a name Motor Mouth cos of the same... :P This has made me a more pragmatic person with innate interpersonal skills... :D

There is one quality, which was even more innate than everything ... Imbibed from my dad.. That's nothing but doing everything with Passion.. :) So almost on most occasions what i did was good and in competitions became an organic winner, with or without knowledge in it.. :)

During my undergraduate, I had an habit of going for competitions, just that i meet more people and as the saying more the people , more merrier... yet made a winning streak in most competitions.. As everyone had their moment.. Once i was so bonded with a friend.. whom i met in a competition.. as everyone says our wavelength matched.. She and me, participated almost in 6 consecutive competitions and i won in all and followed by her.. :) and in 7th .. I was late to the place due to my damn alarm .. and when the lady saw me.. She just let a huge puffff.. i without knowing anything.. Went to her and a custom gave a handshake and wished luck.. She immediately said DAMN YOU.. I was happy that you weren't here till now.. That was like a shock to me.. since she and me was in great tune.. and didn't think that just a competition would be a factor for her to have a hard feelings.. :)  So i thought i would lose this time.. Let's see what turns up.. :) and moreover that event was not giving a monetary prize and the friend was a GIRL :P As things went on.. i was behind and yes i lost.. and she won/.. There was a 1000 watt happiness in her face.. and seeing her happy .. I was damn happy, which i swear i wouldn't have got even i won :) After that she came and said exactly this " Shyam, I know what happened and Thank you.. " By the process i got a good friend... :) and happy that i was a reason that i got a friend and made her happy...

After that I have mastered the art of losing.. I lost whenever i had a non monetary reward... and even in few monetary ones, when i made good friends.. :) Trust me... The happiness is sheer happiness which i have ever got.. and more than that.. The pleasure of losing to a friend is more than enough to get a friend for life time.. :) Tho i have lost a few very good friends in my life.. !! without having no senses what happened and what i did.. :)  The worst case use of art of losing i suppose...

Trust me.. I would have atleast get more than 100 + friends in the process and never the useless certificate has helped me in anyways.. and the momentary joy of winning.. :D

Now back to square.. I lost the contact of the girl to whom i learnt the art of losing.. and met her today and there becomes the  reason of the blog.. :) I couldn't recognise her since she has changed a lot now.. :D and i stay almost the same.. She said a hi from one corner of road to me.. :D and the first thing she spoke was the Fest !!! :D though we have text all nonsense and even went out for a couple of places in a group .. :D

After all losing is not losing... :)