This post is about one female who I love and never wanna miss her in my life….
You are a living angel… No matter whether I was doing a good thing or a bad one.. You were always by my side..
You are one female….   To whom I don’t want to think even for a glimpse when I hug, kiss or cry on your shoulders...
You are the only person … With whom I have celebrated my valentine’s day..
You are the only person.. Who bothered how I look, what people think about me and my growth..
You are the only person… Whom I can trust blindly without even having a mild doubt that you would hurt me..
You are the only person .. Who bear me all the way, despite being in a relationship with me is like being in relationship with an onion.. as you will always have moments to cry, both happy and sad in frequent manners…
You are the only person.. who thinks with me your life becomes complete.
You are the only soul…. Who went naked to totally unknown strangers  .. Just to bring me safely to Mother Earth…
My language knows no words to say how much I love you.. and the number of sorry and thanks I need to convey to you.. J