Alan’s created an emptiness in the Heart of Veronica.. yet.. She was strong enough to think what has been the reason for his death… Her Women Instinct said that she was the sole reason for all this mess..  She cried her soul out.. and also was in serious depression since her love is no more..  Hours went for veronica together worried and confused.. !!! She was one the most gorgeous girl in the University.. not only by looks but also by brains.. !! but this was nothing but a disaster for her.. which literally turned the BEAUTY to BEAST.. 
In mean time.. The beginning blogger Veronica’s attempt on A – Z friends was a huge hit.. cos it was about her friends and the first blog about Alan.. Was a sheer clean hit since he was one of the most admired guy in college for his good looks and mad basketball skills.. The admiration of Alan was reflected on the blog and also was serving like the best Obituary for Alan..
Veronica had a serious thought of quitting the A – Z challenge for 2 reasons.. Since she dreamt of Alan’s death and moreover she didn’t have the heart to write more.. In the thinking process.. Veronica went to sleep and …………………………………….
She had random places… and random movements.. Veronica felt like Déjà Vu..  All She yelled from sleep was darn… Not again… She saw Betty.. Her second letter “B” friend ,falling like a log before her very eyes… !! There goes a sharp glass shard on her Abdomen deep… and betty yelling “You know it Veronica “ and veronica sees a paper flying in air and she what is the content before she see…

There is a P.T.O on the down below the mark.. and she read “ THE DAY YOU STOP BLOGGING, THERE GOES ALL YOU’RE A –Z LIST DEAD “
Veronica cried out loud and woke up .. It was 1 in night.. She immediately typed the content and blogged about Betty..  and slept again…
Just like any other day.. She woke up without knowing any thought… and made her move to college… She heard the news.. Betty was murdered in her apartment with a beer bottle shard.. !!!
Veronica knew it before.. She tried to relax but couldn’t… She said to herself.. You gotta meet a psychiatrist soon… !!!
The time of Blog entry again matched with the time of death..
Not so soon … Veronica was suspected that she could have murdered Betty… !!!