Today morning.. One of my friend sent a message in Whatsapp and asked me.. Dude.. i never know you are a serious guy.. I was like what ??? and asked him to elaborate.. Later came to know that guy was my Cyberspace Stalker and have read my post.. :D Was happy that got a viewer.. but he also made a point..  After reading my blog again, i felt i was sounding serious :O Well that's exactly the opposite of how i am actually :P Wish my dad saw the message, he would have fainted reading it...

So the point is..  Let me post in a generic way.. :D and lets see whether it's fun :D Comedy is a serious business.. I can be at the best in my real life.. :) So Pls be generous enough to comment :P

I am a Tamil Guy.. :D a typical tamil with no knowledge of other Indian Languages, Esp HINDI.. :P ( can talk and understand Malayalam and Telugu a bit tho ) .. If you are wondering what has that with Kannada.. here comes the blog.. after a long unwanted talks :D

I happened to get an option of joining between 2 colleges...
National Institute of Technology, Trichy
National Institute of Technology Karnataka, Surathkal

I being a guy from TN and Trichy being hardly 1.2 hours journey from my home.. Didn't opt it, cos i wanted some exposure and yes, wanna get outta home and learn to live independently... So Natural option was to end up in NITK.. tho the name Surath+Kal was threatening as it names like village.. After a lot of thinking and knowing that NITK has a private beach.. There i set my mark on.. and joined...

My class had an influence of many kannadigas.. and living in Karnataka, i thought learning kannada will be fun and easy.. So my pursuit of learning kannada started right away.. with the help of my mangalorean friend.. :P Later did i know.. those people where mixing Tulu, Konkani and Hindi into the talks, which made me go mad.. :P Trying to figure out what they speak without knowing Hindi too was like darn.. :P So English became my mother and father tongue.. :D and only thing i learnt in Hindi was from my peers yelling Gaalis.. :D I am an expert in that now :D thanks to My north friends :P Tho I didn't use them.. It had been of the great use atleast to comprehend when someone abuses me or anyone.. :D After 2 months of Himalayan Task.. My Mission of kannada baruthe failed. :P

To all the bus drivers, chaiwala my transaction has been hinglish and deaf and dumb language with occasional onji, iradu, moonji,sabji, aloo paratha.. :D Thanks to our college people for having atleast one person in Mess and Night Canteen who can speak English .. i would say kill english.. :)

The worst case came when i went to saloon.. The guy speaks only 3 words i know.. French beard, medium and short.. and he keeps asking Hindi gottilla , kannada gottilla..  and keeps saying something to me all time.. which i would just smile or say ya ya.. cos most time.. he speaks to me with a blade on my neck while shaving.. :P or holding both my ears in the process of doing head massage .. :D Once for fun i said kannada baruthe and saw him smiling ear to ear.. and kept talking.. blah blah.. finally said a sentence which i translated from google.. Nivu Sundara ive.. :) For just that one sentence, he gave me a free haircut next :D

I happened to meet a Tamil guy who has settled in Mangalore and he gave me a book.. Learn Kannada in 30 days ( English to Kannada ), With full sincerity i read the book and tried communicating with my co mates.. Just then i understood.. There is something called pronunciation .. So the mission failed again...

I had a loads of friends from other college... One close friend of mine gave an ingenious idea for learning kannada,, Shyam, You are single... and studying in NITK.. So why don't you try hitting on some hot chicks and get a girl friend yourself ???? The advice was given by a girl.. and next reply from me was why won't you be the one :P ??? She gave a grin and said Friends can't be girl friends.. :D I was wondering how could girls come up with the ingenious ways to escape :D tho i said that for fun :P

So, there was a never ending pursuit for sometime to make the Idea to Execution :D but fortunately unfortunate that i didn't end up in anything :P But I did made a huge list of friends in the whole process.. :) and the process of finding The One was fun by itself.. :P

Happily my college ended without any improvement.. and fortunately got a work in Bangalore.. :) So started to plan the process all again.. :) But God was so kind to me.. and My Tamil was enough for me to live in Bangalore.. :D

Still when someone askes me do i know Kannada... All i would say is Kannada Gottilla.. rather than Kannada Baruthe.. cos my little knowledge almost ended me in getting a beat from a lady in slippers due to my wrong pronounciation/... :D God knows what i said.. all i was asking was a direction :P

I still love kannada tho.. :D It will be a never ending pursuit.. :P

Please bear me for the dull post.. :P Monday evening boredom.. :D

P.s Don't comment in Kannada or Hindi :P